Our Neos need your help now!

A few members of the various U.S. Neapolitan clubs have decided to push forA.K.C. recognition.

The Neo is not right for the A.K.C. and the A.K.C. is not right for the Neo!

If you agree with me, please write to the A.K.C. and tell them not to accept the Neapolitan Mastiff into the A.K.C. But you must hurry-

Write today to:
Ms. Elaine Dorwart
51 Madison Ave.
N.Y., N.Y 10010

Tell her that no club- not the U.S.N.M.C. not the A.N.M.A, nor the N.M.C.A. should force the Neapolitan Mastiff into the A.K.C. Its up to you. Do nothing now and your Neo will be "refined" into the petite boxer of the future!

On a different tangent, I would like to see one single registry for the Neapolitan Mastiff in this country. A registry untainted by political and social in-fighting. The registry should not be controlled by one person or a small clique of persons who could hold back "registration numbers" based on personal animosity. To this end I do recommend and encourage Neo owners to use the A.K.C. Foundation Stud Service. Register your dogs and their litters with them. Tell them to take the registry but not to accept the breed into the A.K.C. We all win- they get the money without having our dogs at their shows and we get a central- unbiased registration.

Write to:

The A.K.C.
5580 Centerview Drive, Suite 200
Raleigh, NC

Ask for adult and litter registration forms for the Foundation Stud Service.