Foreign breeders

Please note this is a listing of breeders, their comments on their efforts, and a few pictures of their dogs. In no way is this an endorsement of any kind. No responsibility of any kind will accrue to me should you have a problem with them, their dogs, or their warranties.


Vesuvio Neapolitan Mastiffs

Mr Garry Gillard breeds both Neapolitan Mastiffs and the French Dogue de Bordeaux. He has provided two photos of his dogs. Bricante del Nolano is a son of Barone del Nolano (seen below). Vesuvio's Argo is seen at 9 wks. of age. Mr. Gillard also is an internet provider and can be reached at vesuvio@dogwatch.com.au


" of the THATCH ROOF"

This is a well known kennel name in Neapolitan circles throughout Europe. Mr. A. van Doremalen, the owner, has provided me with a listing of his stud dogs. I've done my best to copy it here for you. The address is:
Baarsstraat 5
3530 Houthalen - Belgie
tel 00-32- (089) 81.25.01


Palazzo Mastino

Antonio Ricardo Ferraz Bocater runs this kennel. Check out his site to learn more about his breeding.

Canil Signori D'Arezzo

This kennel is owned by Luiz Henrique Mazzonetto Mestieri who can be reached at mastino@geocities.com


Allevamento del Dr. Angelo Dolfi

May of 2000 found us at the kennel of Dr. Dolfi just outside of Florence. This man has a fantastic collection of Neos!

My wife, Janette, and I spent two weeks of October, 1995 viewing the ATIMANA show in Contarina, Italy and then visiting with several kennels. Although their best dogs are phenominal, the average Italian Neo is no better, maybe even worse than the average American Neo. We found the people warm , friendly and very helpfull. Whereever we went, we were welcomed into their homes- given food and drink. My deepest thanks to our hosts. My appologies to those kennels which we did not have time to visit...maybe next year!

Allevamento Del Nolano: Via Vinella, 21, 80030 Scisciano, (Na)

We owe a large "thank you" to Mr. Michele De Falco (seated with his grandson- Michele) and his family. Their hospitality was unsurpassed. Mr. Michele De Falco's dogs are well represented in Mr. Zacchi's listing of Italian champions. He has been involved with the Neo for 15 years and is currently president of the Neo organization- S.A.M.N. His son Franco is seen here kneeling behind Leone. Leone has the longest face I've ever seen! Sara is seen at 13 months of age. I had some difficulty scanning the last two photos of Italian Champion Barone Del Nolano and Claus del Nolano ,both now deceased, due to the extreme contrast in the photographic image. However I believe their good form and historical importance made the effort worthwhile. Barone's son Rush took first at ATIMANA '95.

Allevamento del Bengasche: Via Salaria 267, 00199 Roma

One of the more fascinating of the breeders, with whom we spent several hours, was Mr. Uberto Gasche seen here with a 12 month old male named Pompeii-o. He is an accomplished and published photographer. His book "Villa Savoia" depicts his family members - recent and past- who were related to Italy's last king. In fact, his residence is a small villa on the estate of that former Italian king. Showing a great topline was Drago (photo by Mario Zacchi 1993). Although many of the dogs seen here are now gone, Uberto's photographs show his breeding skills:. Elisir at 2 1/2 was an exceptional female as was Era. Antico seen here at 5 years of age, would make any owner proud.

Allevamento "Campania- Felix": Mr. Aurelio Esposito & Mrs. Lella Graziano, Via A- Moro, Marzano di Nola (Av)

Mr. Esposito and his lovely English speaking partner, Mrs. Graziano, were kind enough to show us the following beautiful specimens:. A two year old grey female named Ciria, a two and 1/2 year old grey male named Polifimo whose grandfather was said to be Calligula, and two year- three month old grey male named Ciruzzo. All three were spectacular animals.

Allevamento "Di Ardea": Mr. Giuseppe Iazzetta, Via Ardeatina Km. 26,300, Ardea (Ro)

Mr. and Mrs Iazzette live in a small town named Ardea- not far outside of Rome. Louie is a 21/2 year old male. Venafro was recently sold to a breeder in Russia. As my mother used to say "every pot has a cover". Venafro gives a young female a goodbye kiss. Etrusco , his father, thinks it about time that his son went out on his own

Allevamento Della Grotta Azzurra, 215 via Napoli-Roma, Secondigliano, (Na)

Grotta Azzurra is a kennel name well known to American Neo fans. Giuseppe Siano and his son Mario demonstrate that look of pride that comes with a "job well done". Ercole, an Italian champion- 3 years of age, is a sire of note. The three year old female Bella is seen here showing off her beautiful "top line". Their 15 month old black maleCarnera is very popular in the show ring.

Mr. Ettore Crepaldi; Via C. Battisti, 28, 45014 Contarina (Ro)

Although not a commercial breeder,Mr. Crepaldi (second from left) has given two photos of his dogs- Minerva and Ombrone. He is deeply involved in Neapolitan Mastiff organizations: Consiglieri of S.A.M.N., President of Gruppo Cinofilo Delta, and Vice President of Gruppo Cinofilo Polesano Delegazione Provinciale E.N.C.I.

Dr. Felice Delle Donna: Via Macerate, 20, 80030 Liveri, (Na)

Dr. Della Donna is a high school teacher outside of Naples. He has been interested in the Neo breed for the past ten years and has provided us with photos of his friend's dogs. Pompeo is a four year old male. Ciria a bitch, is also four years of age

Dei Guardiani del Volturno, 218 Corso Umberto, 81033 Casal Di Principe (CE)

Located in a small town between Naples and Caserta, Dr. Domenico Letizia and his wife Maria are well known in Neapolitan Mastiff circles. Pictured here are two of his dogs: Turi a very large grey male and Monella a three year old black brindle female. Of great interest, were a series of black and white photos shown to us, while at their home- depicting the developement of Neo "head type" over the past thirty years.

Allevatore Basilicata Giovanni, Via Cupa S. Marco Troti 3, S. Maria A Vico (CE)

Giovanni Basilicata is now a well know name in the Neo world (if it wasn't before)- His two dogs Munacella and Rush took the top honors at the '95 ATIMANA. Munacella and Rush are not to be taken lightly by friend or foe!!

Allevatore Miranda Umberto, Via Zabatta 30, 80040 Terzigno (Na)

Mr. Umberto "the Moustache" Miranda (left) lives in the hills in a small town east of Naples. In this photo he is seen with his two close friends Mr. Crepaldi and Dr. Allen (right). Although some consider Sansone to be "overdone" many have used this dog's extreme amount of wrinkle and bone to elevate their own breeding program. Brigand, a seven month old son of Sansone is also shown.

Vilardo Arke kunon: 17 a/b Via Abruzzi, 90100 Palermo

Mr. Giuseppe Vilardo has provided several photographs of his kennel's dogs.Cireme - a large grey bitch, her daughter Penelope at 18 months and again at three years of age while at the '95 Atimana show, and a litter of young pups and their father, Bolis, taken when he was 10 months old.



Ms. Britta Holinger: Jupiterstr. 4, ch-4153 Reinach BL

Ms. Holinger has been involved with the Neapolitan Mastiff for the past eleven years winning both the Swiss Championship and the International Championship. Her five year old bitch Pina has won both the Austrian and Swiss Club-Show. Pina is the mother of Dea a fourteen month old bitch.