Doctor Angelo Dolfi's Kennel

While in Florence this past May of 2000, we were most fortunate to have Mr. Mario Zacchi arrange a visit to Dr. Dolfi's home and kennel. As we entered the yard we found a beautiful stone walled home approximately 500 years old. This was set in an old olive orchard of about twelve hundred trees.

Seven year old Oro was the first to greet us. What a magnificent specimen! Unfortunately the mahogany color is not prized as much in Italy as it is in the U.S.A. Dr. Dolfi and his daughter, Franchesca are seen here holding a 45 day old female pup named Minosse. The pup's father is Horus.
Diana is a very impressive 2.5 year old female.

However, my personal favorite, by far, was Ghibelleno - a great looking male. Two of his seven month old offspring, Latino and Lampedusa were straining at the collar to play.

Time was running out and my wife and I had to leave for Venice, so the final image is of Mr. Mario Zacchi, his brother, Mr. Alberto Zacchi, Dr. Dolfiand three of the young pups.

Those who wish to contact Dr. Dolfi can write to him at:
Dr. Angelo Dolfi
Via Campora 12
51030 Serravalle Pistoiese (PT)
Dr. Dolfi's home phone is: 0039 573-916147 (home)
0039 573-919034 (laboratory)

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