Care Of Your New Neo Puppy

****** Please note: This is not to be construed as Veterinary Medical Advice. I am not a Veterinarian. These are my observations. Please ask your Veterinarian for his/ her opinion.******

1) Find A Veterinarian who is familiar with large dogs. The needs of , and care of, large dogs is not the same as for smaller dogs or cats.

2) Stay current with your dogs recommended shots.

3) Deworm the pup yearly..... or as per your Vet.

4) Neos usually do better with Isoflurane as the anesthetic gas. Halothane may cause problems.

5) " Cherry eye" is a condition caused by the protrusion of the lower tear gland . Vets "in the know" will remove this gland rather than try to tack it into place. Tacking of the gland has not proven successful- long term. To avoid "cherry eye" place NOTHING around the Neo pup's neck until 4 months of age. This means choker collars, no leads, no ropes, etc.

6) I use no kibble at this time. I am currently feeding totally raw foods such as uncooked chicken and bones, raw eggs with the shells, yogurt with living cultures, uncooked beef heart and liver, uncooked, whole round scad, anchovies, mackerel, and other salt water fish, etc. If you wish to look deeper into this B.A.R.F. feeding method as described by Dr. Billinghurst, check out Jane Johnson's B.A.R.F. f.a.q. page.. Uncooked chicken and bones constitue 50% of the food.

7) Uncooked liquified fresh and frozen veggies are fed once or twice a week. Cottage cheese and pasta form a meal once or twice a week. I add Ester-C and Brewer's yeast powder in small amounts. Over-doing anything may cause growth problems. Keep the food protein content low for the first year or two. This will allow the pup to grow slowly and safely by keeping the bone and soft tissue development in harmony.

8) Over-exercising these dogs can and WILL cause hip and elbow destruction. Treat them like they are made of glass and they will usually develop into healthy dogs. After 8 months of a pup's life, slow daily walk of less than a mile are fine. Fast running is not fine. Jumping out of trucks is bad. Running up and down stairs is bad.

9) High outdoor heat will kill your pup. Make sure that the pup has a cool, shady spot to rest. This is extremely important!

10) Fresh water is very important. The "Lick Stick" type of faucet attachment will provide fresh water and eliminate a water bowel to be cleaned.

11) Buy a pup from breeding stock that has passed their O.F.A. hip radiographs and are given no
artificial thyroid hormone replacement therapy.      ASK!ASK!ASK!ASK!

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