The International Technical Association for the Protection of the Neapolitan Mastiff (ATIMANA)

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The 1995 ATIMANA Championship was held in Contarina di Porto Viro, a small village south of Venice. The site was the splendid Hotel Villa Carrer- a rustic 200 year old villa built by the Contarini family. Mr. Giorgio Stoppa (left) is now the proprietor. He was very attentive to all the needs of his guests. Mr. Ettore Crepaldi and his wife are pictured in the center. Mr. Crepaldi was a head organiser for the event. The president of ATIMANA, Mr. Giuseppe Alessandra is on the right.

Neapolitan Mastiffs came from Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, and Russia. A total of 115 Neapolitans were shown in 11 different groups:

The judges were as follows:

  1. Dr. Mario Perricone- Italy
  2. Prof. Jacques Becuve- France
  3. Dr. Michael Motzkus- Germany

And The Winners Were....

Young Males:

  1. Maciste (#19),16 month old owned by Luca Parravicini
  2. Carnera della Grotta Azzurra (#22), 15 month old owned by Patrizio De Vitale
  3. Ercole (#23) 15 month old owned by Paolo Albertelli
  4. Cesare della Zacchera (#27), 10 month old owned by Rossano Barani

Open Males:

  1. Rush (#54), 2 y.o. owned by Giovanni Basilicata
  2. Venafro di Ardea (#51) 3 y.o. owned by Ellen Hurbanova
  3. Ch. Int. Emir della Grotta Azzurra (#64), 4 y.o. owned by Andrea Spiriev
  4. Ulisse (#69), 2 y.o. owned by Giuliano Melzi

Champion Males:

  1. Fonzo Du Pre Au Clair (#101), 5 y.o. owned by Albino Aiello
  2. Ercole della Grotta Azzurra (#103), 3 y.o. owned by Giusepppe Siano
  3. Isaia Di Viscalori (#104), 2 y.o. owned by Marco Capoquadri
  4. Turi Dei Guardiani del Volturno (#102), 6 y.o. owned by Domenico Letizia

Best of Breed Male:


Young Female:
  1. Fruit D' Amour Esperia (#33), 14 m.o. owned by Walt Weisse
  2. Crispina di Ardia (#32), 17 m.o. owned by Corrado Barani
  3. Fruit D' Amour Famosa (#39), 13 m.o. owned by Andrea Spiriev
  4. Ursela del Gheno (#37), 15 m.o. owned by Carmen del Gheno

Open Females:

  1. Furia (#78), 4 y.o. owned by Luigi Licoli
  2. Berenice (#84), 2 y.o. owned by Angelo Dolfi
  3. Quintiliana Della Zacchera (#79), 2 y.o. owned by Rossano Barani
  4. Rugiada of the Thatch Roof (#82), 2 y.o. owned by Theresia Becker

Champion Females:

  1. Munacella (#106), 4 y.o. owned by Giovanni Basilicata
  2. Ch. Heredia Dupre' Au Clair (#108), 3 y.o.owned by J.P. Pini
  3. Ch. Sara Della Grotta Azzura (# 105), 3 y.o. owned by del Gheno
  4. Ch. Penelope Vilardo Arke' Kunon (#107), owned by All. Fossombrone

Best of Breed Female:



    Rush, son of Munacella

My apologies to those whose dogs I did not have time to photograph. If you have a photo of one of the dogs which I missed and would like to see it on the WWW, please send it to:
Dr. Reder
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