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  • First photos of the new pups at 5 weeks of age:

    This litter was born 3/9/2009

    Pups at seven weeks:

    4/19/09 A few puppy owners from a previous litter:

    This was an in utero x-ray of previous litter on the day of birth.

    They are all grey... some with a small white spot on the chest.

    These are photos of my previous litter on day 5 (December 30, 2006.).

    January 4th 2007, (day 10) the eyes are starting to open.

    January 12th 2007, (day 18)

    The weight of the pups ranges from 6 pounds for the largest male down to 4 pounds for the smallest female. All pups are becoming more mobile and demanding.

    February 4th Pups are about 6 weeks old and weigh about 18 pound. They are weaned and nibbling on raw chicken and pork bones.

    February 9th,2007.First Time in the yard at 7 weeks of age.

    Sargent Payne
    America's Premier Neapolitan Mastiff

    O.F.A. rated good
    passed all thyroid function tests

    A.K.C./F.S.S. reg.

    Introducing Gopher Canyon's Momo. Born June 13, 1999. Son of Sargent Payne and Mikki.

    This is Momo at 16 months- photo taken November of the year 2000. He passed his preliminary O.F.A. hip x-rays with a "good" rating. He also passed his O.F.A. heart exam. He passed his M.S.U. thyroid function exam. Can pups you have bought/ breed say as much?

    Arak- son of Momo, at 11 months

    Arak- son of Momo, at 2.5 years.

    Passed his O.F.A. hip exam with a "good" rating.

    Images from our previous litter (1.8MB MPEG) of the pups and mom.

    Pups more mobile on day four MPEG MOVIE or if you prefer a series of still photos: pup 1 pup 2 pup 3pup 4 pup 5.

    Eyes opening- mobility increasing.

    2 weeks old

    eyes opening


    last pup

    Two Buds at Three weeks

    Week four: Teething has begun in earnest.....Mom not thrilled. Pups have been wormed. Mom has been sharing her raw beef liver and raw beef kidney with the pups. They have started supplementing their breast milk with goats milk and rice cereal from a bowel. Raw chicken wings will be given to the pups in the next few days.

    The wrinkles are coming..the wrinkles are coming (4.5 weeks of age) and so is the puppy behavior.

    Pups are 8 weeks old and starting to leave home!!!! To those who have already picked up their pups- please remember to keep them SKINNY for the first year and feed them a balanced raw diet as I have outlined elsewhere on my site.

    O.K......So what do the pups look like now at seven months? Dr. Reder is the one in the center.

    3/20/2006 Gopher Canyon's Bartolo passed his hip O.F.A.

    Mr. Bob and Hon. Gail Rentzer's

    Gopher Canyon's Atlas

    • Passed Hips O.F.A.
    • Passed Thyroid O.F.A
    • .
    • 250 Pounds

  •  I wish to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Carol Bardwick of the Canine Cryobank, Inc. for her past and continuing guidance in my Neapolitan Mastiff breeding program.

    CompuPed generated pedigrees of my breeding stock.

    Have you ever wanted to know if your prospective breeder of a neo pup was telling you the truth about his dog's O.F.A. history? Although there may be a 3-4 month lag in the data base update, you should find your breeder's dogs listed in the O.F.A. Data Base search. If you are looking for a potentially healthy neo pup, or a breeder who tests his breeding stock, check out the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals data base.

    This page describes the Neapolitan Mastiff and my relation to this unusual dog. I have set forth some of my personal feelings and experiences , as well as provided the views of others acquainted with the breed. If you obtain a Neo- as they are also known, expect to spend a greater than average amount of time with and money on it. This is a complex animal with needs many cannot meet. These dogs expect to be with you and to protect you and your family. I do have a wonderful family. Although I am a Pediatric Dental Specialist now, surely I was a Neapolitan Mastiff in a former life. Unless my family or I are threatened, I'd just as soon sleep as anything else. This is the Neapolitan Mastiff way of life.

    We dedicate this effort to those who brought the Neapolitan Mastiff beast back from the edge of extinction and to those who love and care for their descendants today. I quote Immanuel Kant " De gustibus non est disputandum" "There is no disputing taste". Surely this describes those bitten by the love of the Neapolitan Mastiff.

    Gopher Canyon's Mikki

    Passed her O.F.A. x-ray, takes NO thyroid supplementation

    I have several night lights of the neo available. The image is roughly 3" X 4". The cost, which includes shiping and handling in the continental United States, is $25.00 Send orders to:
    Dr. Barry Reder
    836 Grove View Rd.
    Oceanside,Ca. 92057 (760) 940-2051



    September 2001 my wife and I spent two fantastic weeks in Sicily and Reggio di Calabria. We were treated like royalty and saw some of the best Neapolitan Mastiffs ever. I hope my photos of these Neos do them justice.


    The Southwestern Neo Club membership meeting was held on Saturday February 26th, 2001 at 10:00 A.M., in San Diego at McElroy park. The turnout was great. Most folks brought a dog. Several folks showed up to educate themselves before buying their first Neo pup. Many impressive specimens were seen and we were able to schmooze with many new friends. The membership roster will be updated shortly and posted on the club site.
    One of the health issues discussed was the new "Cherry Eye Hypothesis" developed by Dr. Reder. He feels that the two contributing factors leading to the frequent occurrence of Cherry Eye (herniation of the lower lacrimal gland) in the Neapolitan Mastiff are 1) the delayed developement of basilar connective tissue and 2) the increased tissue fluid pressure caused by the early use of choker collars. He believes that the postponement of the use of choker collars on Neo pups until the age of 4 months will eliminate, or greatly reduce, the cherry eye problem. Halter style leads should be used in place of the choker collars until this age.

    A brief slide show of the Neapolitan Mastiffs inside..

    * Introduction and History of the Neapolitan Mastiff by Dr. Carl Semencic. Dr. Semencic's new book "Gladiator Dogs" has just been published by T.F.H. Check out the bottom of page 198.

    *Restoring the Neapolitan Mastiff by Dr. Barry Reder. Note this article first appeared in the July 1998 Rare Insight magazine and is reprinted by permission.

    * Neapolitan Mastiff adult and puppy registration can be done via the A.K.C.- Foundation Stud Service. Call (919) 233-9767 for details.

    Mr. Mario Zacchi

    a Florence attorney and renowned author of "The Neapolitan Mastiff" presents his:


    Bred by Massimo Nencioni, Bartolo is a dark grey male of the highest quality and is now available to stand at stud for highest quality females.

    Early photos of Mr. Mario Zacchi's Neapolitan pup Bartolo- born Sept. 20, 1997

    *pictures from Mr. Mario Zacchi's book (with his permission) The Neapolitan Mastiff

     Champion Sansone I di Ponzano, 1977 and Mose, Italian Champion, 1985 considered by the author to be a good example of the midway point of northern and southern Italian breeding. Mr. Zacchi feels Carnera della Grotta Azzurra is now one of the best specimens of the Neapolitan Mastiff breed seen in the last forty years.

    *Care of the new Neapolitan Mastiff pup

    Would you like to B.A.R.F.? You might check out Jane Johnson's page. She explains the Dr. Billinghurst method of feeding (b)ones (a)nd (r)aw (f)ood to your pups and grown dogs for a life time of optimal health.

    Here is a sample menu to get you started.

    I add a few supplements to my B.A.R.F. diet- namely Ester-C powder and Brewer's Yeast powder.

    *Neapolitan Mastiff Frequently Asked Questions


    We have been awarded the "Rare Paws Award" for a breed site of excellence. Thanks!


    Neo Rescue

    Let's take responsibility for our own Neapolitan Mastiffs!


    Neo Rescue Page
    Call Rosemary Rosensteel at (301) 473-5721 for placement info.


    Companion Animal Rescue Effort in California and western states- call:
    Ms. Ellen Prior @ (408) 227-2273 .She has several neos and bordeauxs with great personalities but no homes.

    *Dog Quotes

    * Please say no to the A.K.C.

    * Why Say no to the A.K.C.?

    *Neapolitan Mastiff Breed Standard The Italian standard... not the corrupt A.K.C. standard.

    * New List of Foreign Neapolitan Mastiff Breeders and Photos of Their Dogs

    The 1995 ATIMANA Neapolitan Mastiff Show in Italy

    *Oddities of the Neapolitan Mastiff World

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